Products And Price Modifications Update!

Farmchain Finance
1 min readJan 7, 2023

Welcome to year 2023!

We want to use medium to share some products and services updates as follows;

Coop Membership Registration Fee: We have adjusted our coop membership registration fee by 50% from N6,000 or $8.2 Downward to N3,000 or $4.2 Starting from January 1, 2023 for new members. The benefits from the registration fee includes membership certificate and certificate of cooperative shareholding of 10 Units shares.

Bonus 1000 $fifi Tokens And 2 Sqm Lands: The Bonus $fifi tokens and the 2 sqm Lands as additional benefits of membership registration ended on December 29, 2022 at 11:59 PM and that’s no longer among the benefits for new membership registration.

We are also launching the weekly and monthly food banking scheme starting from January to December 2023. Details will be published shortly before the launch by ending January.

We are also launching a money cycle contribution, savings and loans but that will be running under a partnership deal with a partner Fintech start up. Details will also be published once in due course.

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Farmchain Finance Is A Defi Protocol With A DAO Features For The Business Of Empowering Real Farmers And Food Cooporatives Within The Global Agric Value Chain.