Launchpad Token Sale Plans

Farmchain Finance
2 min readJan 17, 2023
Coommunity Token Sales

Just as we had published in our 2022 Year In Review about officially launching our tokens and products to the public, we are currently making plans to conduct our $fifi token sales on a launchpad with the Wakanda Inu token sales Launchpad as our main target, and any other token sales launchpad like Pinksales if necessary.


The token sales may last for a maximum period of 72 hours to allow sufficient time for more wallet addresses to participate in the sales, after which $fifi will be listed for trading on the Wakandswap with the highest liquidity, Pancakeswap, Lbank Exchange and other tier 2 and tier 1 Central.

Farmchain Finance Token $fifi is currently Listed On Nomics, Poocoin, Dexale and Pancakeswap but with no liquidity added yet until after token sales.

With a Maximum Supply of 150,000,000 tokens with 3% transaction tax and burn, including Team and Development Allocation vesting, All token sales participants and holders will be issued automatic membership certificate and shareholding certificate of the Farmchain Finance Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd. for a lifetime opportunity to earn share of the Farmchain Finance Coop business profits annually as an additional benefits.

Comprehensive details of the tokens allocations and the Farmchain Finance project ecosystem is contained in the Green Paper that is on website, you can get it and read to follow our progress and get ready for the Token Sales.

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