Happy World Food Day 2022

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2 min readOct 16, 2022

The World Food Day has been marked once every year since it was officially launched in 1979 by the Food And Agricultural Organization (FAO), an agency of the United Nations and October 16th of each year was chosen in commemoration of the date of the founding of the FAO in 1945, post world war 2 to combat the negative impact of the global war to food production.

Even though the reason behind the date could likely be as a result of the impact of that war on food security, the World Food Day is an international day that’s marked globally on October 16 of each year with lots of activities.

Each year of the celebration has been marked with a theme since 1981 and this year’s theme has been selected to be “Leave No One Behind”. This year’s celebration began since October 14th in Rome with a series of activities including a virtual conference leading up to today October 16 as the official date to marked this year’s celebration.

There’s a serious and continuous threat to global food security and event like this celebration is an opportunity for leaders to reflect on past action plans and possible future plans to join hands with all relevant stakeholders within and outside the food and agricultural value chain to ensure such threats are successfully combated for sustainable food security amidst a growing world population.

Since building sustainable food system for food security is part of our core mission at Farmchain Finance, we are planning to launch a food banking scheme in form of a savings plan for monthly and annual food supplies to our #Coop members and other affiliated #Co-op societies who are low and average income earners to mitigate rising prices due inflation.

We are also launching a loan scheme for SMEs in the food value chain and fast consumer goods sector who must form clusters as micro cooperative society registered under our main #Coop to be able to access the loans to boost food production and supplies in addition to efforts from the public sectors. Details will be published in our v3 white paper soon.

Once again we say, “Happy World Food Day”.

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