Farmchain Finance & Infusion Lawyers

Farmchain Finance
1 min readOct 25, 2022

We are please to officially announce our partnership with Infusion Lawyers to enable us have the needed legal cover in our operations.

Infusion Lawyers is a leading law firm located in Lagos Nigeria, that provides services to Blockchain and crypto start ups and top international brands in the Blockchain and crypto industry operating in Nigeria.

The partnership will enable Infusion lawyers to provide all the necessary legal services needed in our operations including but not limited to filling all necessary legal documents relating to other partnerships, contracts, licensing and compliance, legal representations and legal security to all our assets and future assets.

This partnership is among the strategic partnership we have struck and others that will follow, to ensure that all our #Coop members and affiliated #Coop members are transacting in a safe environment, and we can boldly assure all #Coop members that they and their funds are #SAFU.

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Farmchain Finance Is A Defi Protocol With A DAO Features For The Business Of Empowering Real Farmers And Food Cooporatives Within The Global Agric Value Chain.