Customer Service Week Offering

Farmchain Finance
2 min readOct 5, 2022

We are offering a 10% discount across all products and services in our ecosystem as part of our customer service activities to celebrate our customers who believed in us to join us as #Coop members and are actively subscribing to our products and services.

There’s a popular Saying “Customer is the king 👑”

We are 100% believers in the above school of thought and this is because without the customers, there wouldn’t be any business.

One thing is to build and yet another to acquire users and in most cases, your early customers or users of your products and services are those that will contribute to the validation of your products and it’s their validation and testimonials that will serve as a reference point to acquire new users which is what will then build investors confidence in terms of even fundraising.

So in Farmchain Finance, we are committed to customer service as we are BUIDLing more products and use cases and we consider it an obligation to celebrate our users who are our customers and it’s a major aspect of our business culture.

Customer Service culture is the reason we make every step of the onboarding process to be seamless for new users as well as services to existing users.

Once again we say; “Happy Customer Service Week!”

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